Fertilizer Efficiency

Loss of fertilizer efficiency through volatilization, immobilization and leaching is extremely costly not only to farmers but also to our environment. Traditional N-P-K fertilizer can become tied up within days and can easily be lost in low carbon soils, particularly after significant rainfall or exposure to the sun.  For reference, as much as 45% of Urea-based fertilizer  can be lost under such conditions within 48 hours after application .

The key to increasing the efficiency of these fertilizer inputs, is to combine them with an Activated Humic, with an application rate of only 5-10kg per hectare, our Diamond Grow® Humi[K] is not only capable of increasing fertilizer efficiency, but improving soil structure, buffering and providing additional organic carbon, which is a vital source of energy for microbes living in the soil. 

Our Humi[K] is being combined in different ways with all types of fertilizer.  Whether it’s coated with our Humi[K] Powder, dry blended with our Humi[K] Granule, or in a Liquid blend. Humic Acid can also be applied with liquid Potassium Nitrate, but it is not compatible with Potassium Sulfate.  However, a true Fulvic Acid like our Diamond Grow® Ful-Grow GOLD, is stable when mixed with Potassium Sulfate and under any ph conditions.  Fulvic Acid is typically much more expensive than Humic Acid, because it requires additional processing to separate the two molecular fractions (Humic & Fulvic), Our Fulvic is less expensive per gallon than all Humic acid liquid on the market today.