Diamond Grow® HumiS-Feed™ is a concentrated water-soluble feed-grade sodium humate available in 100% soluble powder form and/or 100% granule form. It can be fed to livestock (swine, poultry and cattle) or used as a drinking water additive to stimulate the animal's immune system.

Because of its chelating capacities, the intestinal flora is stabilized through the fixation of toxins and harmful substances in the animal feed and through the formation of a protective film on the surface of the gastrointestinal mucous membrane. The animal's appetite is also increased with feed take efficiency.

HumiS-Feed™ improves feed conversion. Because it enhances lignin, cellulose, hemicellulose, and decomposition, it ultimately promotes weight gain and eliminates excess animal waste. It also creates high protein and lower ADF.

Derived from:   

HumiS-Feed ™ is obtained through the alkaline extraction of highly oxidized sub- bituminous humalite that originates from the decomposition of organic plant matter in Northern Canada. Per numerous studies by the International Humic Substances Society (IHSS), humic substances have various chelating, buffering, and complexing capacities.

This raw material mined in Northern Canada is truly humified material from plant matter combined with the high biological activity of microorganisms. 


Sodium humate is the sodium salt of humic acid obtained through the alkaline extraction of highly oxidized sub-bituminous humalite. It can be easily handled and transported. Its capabilities have been widely explored in veterinary science and applied in livestock breeding for more than three decades.

HumiS- Feed™ is manufactured using only food grade sodium hydroxide, making our product safe for animal ingestion. Sodium humate is classified as non-toxic when orally applied to warm-blooded animals.  Per our studies and literature review, there are no evident side effects. There are also no known allergies or resistance in the case of regular oral application.

Because of its basic chemical structure, sodium humate is neither teratogenic nor mutagenic. It also does not possess carcinogenic or embryotoxic properties. As there is not a high resorption rate in the gastrointestinal tract, no waiting time is needed for observation after oral application. In long-term tests (120 days), with a prophylactic application of different doses of HumiS-Feed ™ for calves and cattle, body mass increased between 4% to 10% compared with the control groups.

The product improves feed conversion and promotes weight gain, reducing production costs. It can be used as a viable alternative to antibiotic growth promoters.

The following are the results of its application for different species, based upon various literature and research:



  • In calves, reduces the risk of diarrhea in the first month and improves vitality
  • In dairy cows, reduces the risk of mastitis and high somatic cell counts.
  • Improves feed conversion
  • Reduces ammonia emission and smell


  • Reduces the risk of diarrhea at weaning and in the pre-fattening stage caused by feed change and re-grouping.
  • Improves feed conversion, thus leading to a better weight gain
  • Reduces ammonia emission and smell
  • Potentially improves the milk yield and the reproduction of sows


  • Reduces the sensitivity of broilers and turkeys to stress
  • Improves immunity, thus promoting growth
  • Improves feed conversion
  • Reduces ammonia emission and smell


  • Increases survival rate of offspring through prophylactic treatment of eggs and larvae
  • Reduces the stress caused when using antibiotics treatments
  • Suppresses secondary infections
  • Detoxicates harmful heavy metals and mycotoxins



  • For all livestock species, mix in with feed or drinking water.
  • In the case of calves, mix it with the milk or milk replacer for the first 30 days after birth.
  • It can be used in automatic milk replacer feeders.

2-3 kg of 100% Soluble HumiS-Feed ™ per ton of feed

Drinking water:
1-2 kg of 100% Soluble HumiS-Feed ™ per 1000 liters of drinking water

Milk or milk replacer:
10 g of HumiS- Feed ™ per calf per day

Body weight:
50-70 mg of HumiS-Feed ™ per kg of body weight and day


  • 55lb/25kg Bag (Pallet)
  • 1MT Bulk Bag (Super Sack)

Additional Research:

Effects of supplemental humic substances on growth performance,
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