The following application rates are general and should be used as a baseline for determining input costs.  
We highly recommend taking soil samples and having a professional soil agronomist make an assessment. 


Have your soil sample results handy?

Simply fill in your sample results and Dr. Mir will write a fully custom Humi[K] and Fulvic application rate for your specific crop.

Dr. Mir has gained national and international recognition for his creative and innovative applied research on the effects of humic substances (functional carbon) on soil and plant metabolisms. He has given over 320 talks and had many abstracts, book chapters, and articles published worldwide on soil health. Mir was also the co-chair of the International Humic Substances Society, Committee on Applied Research in Soil, Nutrient Management, and Crop Production.

Mir has also been the recipient of 34 scholarly and prestigious state, regional, national, and international awards, including two Excellence in Research awards from the governor of Idaho, the Excellence in Outreach and Diversity awards from the University of Idaho, and the National Association of County Agricultural Agents (NACAA) Hall of Fame Award.