The Wet Chemistry Experts:  Humic Growth Solutions is a world-leading manufacturer and supplier of organic bio-stimulant products. Specializing in the wet chemistry extraction of humic and fulvic acids, we offer our activated bio-stimulants in a liquid concentrate, soluble powder and granule form.

Our process begins with the highest quality raw materials micro-pulverized in their naturally dry form, precisely blended into our proprietary alkaline or acidic wet chemistry formulas and micro-quad filtered to separate out all insoluble material.

Our products are manufactured for worldwide distribution, with production capacity capable of meeting agricultural, horticultural, turf, ornamental, and hydroponic market demands around the globe.  We didn't invent humic, we perfected it!

Using our proprietary Wet Chemistry extraction process, we ACTIVATE the humic acid molecule making it more functional, enhancing it’s abilities: CEC, Buffering, Chelation, and Complexation. Where as other methods of non-alkaline extraction do NOT activate those functional humic molecules, thus drastically reducing the benefits.

Wet Chemistry Extracted Humates vs. Raw Material Humates

There are significant differences between nonprocessed humate (raw material) and humates which have undergone the wet chemistry process (such as our Humi[K] products). When not processed, humates are refractory, meaning that microbes cannot break them down. They have little to no functionalities, except possibly as colloidal powders.  Dr. Mir Seyedbagheri (our Director of Research and Development) has conducted various studies on nonprocessed humates for approximately 36 years and still has a 27-year-old sample in his lab, that has never dissolved. The situation is similar in the soil. They may dissolve but over a significantly long period of time.

However, when we use the wet chemistry process, we activate functional groups such as carboxyls, phenols, etc. By doing so, we enhance chelating, complexing, and buffering capacities. Additionally, this creates micropores in which roots, water, and nutrients reside.

In conjunction with their current fertilizer applications, farmers all over the world are experiencing enhanced nutrient translocation in the roots and other functionalities in soil solution chemistry as a result of their Humi[K] applications.


"Our once struggling farmer's banana production is now almost twice what it was before using your Humic. Also, his production costs are down substantially."


Higher yields, start with Humi[K]

Agricultural producers worldwide are seeking to reduce dependency on synthetic fertilizers and chemicals. Humic products, produced through our proprietary wet chemistry processes, provide an efficient and economical means to return carbon to the soil. Without the replenishment of carbon, the addition of man-made synthetic nutrients is pointless. The use of humic products is thus the best path to coveted agricultural sustainability.